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Garage to Garage billing
     In the limousine industry, questions about billing tend to be perplexing for customers.  Making sure you fully understand the way your limousine or car service company is billing you can help you decide if you are getting the most for your money.  While no two companies are exactly the same, most limousine companies follow many of the same rules in regards to billing.  In this article we are specifically looking at garage to garage billing.

What is Garage to Garage billing?

     Well, simply put, it is where the customer is charged from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until the time it returns to the garage.  (Also known as "drive time".)

chauffeur etiquette

     Whether your a seasoned chauffeur or just getting started in the chauffeur business, having proper etiquette with your clients can not only affect your gratuity but also your job.  Proper chauffeur etiquette can be summed up with this simple motto "We are professionals serving other professionals".   
     A well traveled business executive that has used chauffeur service hundreds of times has probably seen it all.  Here we've listed 6 of the basics that all chauffeurs need for proper etiquette.  

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Chauffeur Training     So... You want to become a great chauffeur?  Or... You are a chauffeur and you're looking to make more money?  Either way, this article will help and give you 5 simple steps that all great chauffeurs follow in order to make more money.

     Many limousine companies refer to their chauffeurs as "drivers".  While in a round about way, this may be a true statement, calling someone just a "driver" is considered a curse word at our company.  The word "Driver" insinuates mediocre, or someone that just does the bare minimum.  (Like calling a Chef de Cuisine, a cool - or a Maitre d, a host/hostess.)

Iroquois Steeplechase
     Each year the Nashville Socialites prep, plan, tweet and parade their way from far and wide to strut their finest through the mud to a Nashville tradition Steeplechase Running of the Iroquois at Percy Warner Park!  Every second Saturday in May, May 11th 2013 this year, to be exact.

     As you know, that kind of fun doesn't just happen on its own!  Someone has to do the planning, planning beyond the hat, dress and shoes (aka rain boots).

     Lets break this down into a simple check list and guide to help make this a little more user friendly.

Dead Fish Handshake
     Imagine you are meeting someone for the very first time and you are about to give them your business.  You go to shake their hand and they give you the dead fish handshake.  Or even worse, they hold onto your hand 10 seconds too long.  Limo reservation taking is the initial handshake you get before doing business and often times, the first impression of your company.  If that handshake is broken, I promise you, you are losing clients.

     There are many aspects that we, as limousine companies, must constantly be improving.  One detail that gets overlooked quite frequently is one of the most important, answering the phone to take a reservation.  While many limo companies have great service, great vehicles and great pricing, they are losing clients from the start.  Here are 5 ways to help you improve your limo reservation taking system.

Nashville Executive Limo
     After a 3 hour flight you are ready to simply relax after arriving at Nashville International Airport.  Your chauffeur has met you in baggage claim and has taken your luggage directly from the carousel to the vehicle for you.  After stepping into your vehicle, you are greeted with an ice cold bottle of Fiji water.  Your chauffeur loads your luggage, makes sure the air temperature in the vehicle is perfect, and away you go.

     You realize you've made a great decision by calling 9Seven Executive Limousine for your airport transfer.  There's no waiting in rental car lines, no need to look up directions, and no need to worry about traffic, it's time to relax.  You were emailed your chauffeurs information before the trip so you knew exactly who was driving you.  The last time you were in Nashville, you opted for a taxi, which ended up costing more due to the driver, supposedly, getting lost.  "Never again, you say, "never again".

Music City Limo
     Welcome to Music City.  Whether you're a visitor, Nashville native, or fresh off the bus with a guitar in hand, Nashville has a ton to offer.  From local culture, sightseeing, restaurants and entertainment, this up and coming city has been growing at an exceptional pace.  Nashville, or commonly referred by locals as "Nashvegas" has just over 1.6 million folks in the metro and surrounding areas.  

     The Music City capital is home to such professional sports teams as the Tennessee Titans (Football) and the Nashville Predators (Hockey) both of which have gained a tremendous following over the years.

CMA awards parking
     The CMA Awards are upon us yet again in Nashville, TN.  The Bridgestone Arena will be packed with County Music Stars and fans alike.  Every year this events sells out with approximately 18,000 people at the show and another 1,000 or so working behind the scenes.

     Needless to say, you're probably not going to find a parking spot up front.  Unless of course, you've hired a limo service to the CMA Awards for the night.  So, here are a few tips for parking at this years CMA Awards.


Why you should train your chauffeurs to keep client confidentiality.

Chauffeur Training
     One of the easiest ways that limousine companies lose clients is by not consistently training their chauffeurs and staff to keep "Client Confidentiality".  As a chauffeur and chauffeur trainer in the Nashville limo market, I've seen first hand how this can cost a company money.

     Here are 3 different types of client confidentiality examples and ways they can affect your business.  A few of these you might not have expected.  

Nashville St. Patricks Day 2014     St. Patrick's Day 2014 falls on Monday, March 17th so get ready for a great excuse for calling out of work on Tuesday.  (Calling out of work because you're Irish only works 17% of the time.) 
     Since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday this, you'll find the entire weekend is packed with St. Patrick's Day celebrations around Nashville.

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